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Play (SuperAdmin) 4/27/2011 5:56 PM EST : Leveling Guide for Beginners
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If you are a brand new player to the game, the best way to level is to do the solo questlines. You can find them all here: Quests, guides, mobs, npcs, and more

There is more than enough quests in the game right now to level 1-90 off of quests alone. The solo quests give very solid xp and more importantly AA, which you want to start building up early on. A good rule of thumb is to try to keep your AA level 2x as high as your adventure level, so when you hit level 90 you have at least 180 AA. It becomes easier to get AA at level 70+ so don't sweat it if you're struggling to keep that ratio at lower levels. A good pointer would be that if you notice your quests going green, set the AA slider to 100 until you notice them going blue again. Also, if you are lucky enough to find a low level group, set your slider to 100 for the entire zone so you don't accidently out-level your quests.

You'll want to group as much as you can at lower levels so you can get some actual experience playing your class. But to be honest, it is very difficult to find low level groups at this stage of the game because most everyone plays at the level cap. If you manage to get low level groups or would like to be power leveled and want a good guide for dungeons at each level tier this is a great guide that i personally use all the time

Personally I would recommend:

1-20: Start in Darklight Woods. Ideal heroic zone: Wailing Caves

20-30: Focus on Butcherblock, the lowest level quests start at the butcherblock docks and also up on the cliff above the docks near the griffon station. The harder quests are more toward the Greater Fay zone line. When you run out of quests in BB move to Nek Forest. Ideal heroic zone: Fallen Gate, Crushbone, Stormhold

30-35: Focus on Zek, when the quests become too hard swap to Enchanted lands. Ideal heroic zone: Ruins of Varsoon

35-40: Focus on Feerot, when you run out of quests head back to Zek/EL. You can go into Steamfont early too. Ideal heroic zone: Runneye, Kaladim

40-50: Focus on Steamfont and Everfrost, since the revamp of Everfrost it has tons more quests than it used to. (NOTE!! If you are able i would HIGHLY suggest getting and completing the to speak as a dragon quest while you are running soluseks eye, it is available starting at level 50 and you need it to complete your Epic Repercussion quest later in life. Ideal heroic zone: Obelisk of Lost Souls, Soluseks eye, Permafrost.

50-60: This is the roughest period to level in. You'll want to start in Sinking Sands, and when that goes dry move to Lesser Faydark. If you're still stuck you can go to Mystic Lake/TT as early as 55 if you like. There is also a carpet quest in sinking sands that is pretty straight forward and gives good exp for this level tier. Ideal heroic zone: Clefts of Rujark, Hidden Cache, Roost, Cazels Mesa, Ancients Table

60-65: Do the basket quests in TT, i would also highly suggest completing the "cloudquest timeline" it not only gives you a cloud mount to ride around but a full set of class specific armor that will last you until the high 70's and the armor looks cool also. you can also grind in Mystic Lake if you want a break from questing. Ideal heroic zone: Sanctum of Scaleborn, Den of the Devourer, Blackscale Sepulcher

65-70: Do the solo questlines in Barren Sky and Bonemire, they actually give great exp now and will take you further than level 70. Ideal heroic zone: Palace of the Awakened, Halls of Fate. Unrest

70-75: Hit up Loping Plains first and knock out all the easy quests there, and when you run out move to Kylong Plains. Ideal heroic zone: Nizara City of the Nayad, Mistmoore Catacombs, The Crypt of Valdoon

75-80: Move to Kunzar Jungle and knock out some of the easy quests there. When they start getting hard and require heroics, move to Moors of Ykshena. In Fens of Nathsar there is yet another mount quest that will give you a nice Rhino mount, you must have faction with the iksars however Ideal heroic zone: Sebilis, Chardok, Karnors Castle

80-85: Fully complete the JW questline to get the JW hammer just incase you ever need to go back there in the future. After it's complete, head back to Fens of Nathsar and knock out those, they should be easy since they're green. If Fens quests are all grey to you at this point, finish off the quests in Moors. Ideal heroic zone: Vault of Eternal Sleep, Maidens Chamber, Chelsith, Emperor's Anatheum, Shard zones, Obelisk of Aakzul.

85-90: Head to Sundered Frontier, do those quests and when you run out move to Stoneburnt Highlands. The "box" quests in both SF and SB give you the most exp for your time and are repeatable, they also give awesome chest slot items when they are finished, in SF you get the box quest from the necromancer area in paineel, in SB you get it from Moonfield Hamlet. You can also start running group instances but generally its best to wait until 88+ so you can get all the quests for them. Ideal heroic zone: The Contested Hole.

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